Be different.

Be different.

Your brand in everybody’s focus. Let your ambassadors tell your story.

Vision1 Eyewear’s proposition is built on our human brain program to create eye-contact and assess our counterpart’s intentions. A shiny reflection of light instead of eye-contact amplifies our interest to learn what is going on?

Here we are: Attention has been created.

Your brand in everybody’s focus

Enjoy a new form of advertising

Brand visibility right in the middle of your audience’s face is the single, most powerful impression that a consumer can perceive. Our innovative lens technology creates attention for your brand without any distraction for your ambassadors.

Stand out from competition

Vision1’s eyewear allows you to express the individuality of your brand in a highly unique way. To create a true eye-catcher for you, we 100% customize your eyewear according to your brand’s identity. The best frame- and lens designs are built upon stories that your ambassadors actively want to talk about in their everyday life.

Your brand in everybody’s focus - Be Different Motiv Ski Goggle Premium
Be Different Packaging Glasses

Innovation, quality, sustainability

Your statement eyewear by Vision1 is a powerful instrument to convey your values: With Vision1 Eyewear you communicate your brand’s story through an innovative technology product, manufactured in Italy by optics experts out of post-consumer recycled plastics. We truly believe that your brand story deserves highest quality and sustainability. “Made in China” is not an option.

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