Vision1 is a new kind of customized eyewear daydreamed by individualists, tech-lovers and visionairies. A platform for everybody to empower their brand and express themselves through a new kind of game changing eyewear and patented logo lenses.
What’s your vision?
Custom Lens Design with 100% see-through.
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Our philosophy.

Your advantage.

Be visible.
Brand visibility right in the middle of your audience’s face is the single, most powerful impression that a consumer can receive. Our frame prints help you keeping your message at eye level.
Stay focused.
To pursue your dreams, you have to stay focused. Our patented lens technology helps you to empower your brand without any distractions.
Stay resistant.
Facing tough times is something nearly every visionary had to undergo. Our ECO PC frames support you with extremely high break and scratch resistance.
Think sustainability.
You think, live and work in a sustainable matter? Then our ECO frames made of post-consumer recycled plastics will match your attitude.
Be a pioneer.
Pioneering always is the work of individuals. And Vision1 glasses are best made to express the individuality of your brand in a unique way.

Like our attitude?

Vision1 glasses are pioneered for your advantage – not only because of the game changing technology we use, but also because of the powerful attitude which reflects itself in our lenses. Want to know more?