BWT x Vision1 Sunglasses: High End Consumer Goods for a B2B Brand.

BWT x Vision1 Sunglasses: High End Consumer Goods for a B2B Brand.

Best Water Technology (BWT) provides water treatment technologies that improves tapped water at homes, offices, hospitals, hotels and many other facilities. It is their mission to treat local water where it is needed, in the required quantity and quality. This helps reduce plastic waste and furthermore our carbon footprint. A vital company considering that water is the human body’s fuel and that there would be no life without it.  

BWT’s marketing is challenged by the fact that they cannot brand filtered water. Usually they install their filters in buildings with no visibility to the people consuming the water inside the property. Hotels or cafés might filter the water e.g. to deliver a better tasting coffee – but how shall the customer ever know?! To raise awareness for their products, they started to get involved in sport sponsoring in 2015, initially focusing on Motorsports. In recent years, the company has expanded its sponsoring commitments to Alpine skiing and soccer

Increased B2B Sales through High End Consumer Goods

Additionally to sport sponsoring, BWT started to introduce high end consumer goods to make a household name out of their brand. In their online store, customers can buy obvious products such as table water filters, water bottles, swimming pool cleaning accessories as well as fan gear that is used by their BWT-Athletes.  

For their sports gear they are only working with high end consumer brands: In addition, BWT-Sportswear offers an extensive range of equipment for soccer teams. 

BWT x Vision1 Branded Sunglasses

In late 2019, BWT approached us to create some high end sunglasses to equip their athletes, employees, friends of the company as well as to sell them in their online store. They opted to go for the CSM-101 and Classy models, to meet both athletic as well as well as leisure styles. The lenses got a nice BWT Logo pattern. We think the sunglasses came out beautifully, see here:   

As seen on TV - BWT x Vision1 Sunglasses

The 15 minutes of fame for our joint sunglasses came when Tobias Moretti, a well-known Austrian actor was wearing them during an prime time TV interview at the world famous Hahnenkamm races. A great appearance creating a nice media value for BWT. More on that soon in our next magazine article

Stay tuned! 

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