Vision1 is a new kind of customized eyewear daydreamed by individualists, tech-lovers and visionairies. A platform for everybody to empower their brand and express themselves through a new kind of game changing eyewear and patented logo lenses.
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Custom Lens Design with 100% see-through.
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Our patented lens technology guarantees clearly visible logos and patterns from the outside and 100% see-through from the inside.
Patented Lens Technology

The CO lens is the amazing result of our Vision1 Optics Lab and the most obvious and game changing part of this lens is the unique patented solution for clear logos and patterns visible from the outside and total transparency looking from the inside. This enables totally new possibilities of sunglass design and visibility for your brand.

100% UV block & Scratch resistant

In order to live up to our own ambitious standards, we only use Elite Polycarbonate lenses with 100% UV block and amazing scratch resistance.

Enhanced contrast

The CO lens also provides maximum contrast and eye relief in any condition through our optimized wavelength distribution which reproduce colors without distortion and filter away all the disturbing parts or the visible spectrum.

Frames available in 100% post-consumer recycled plastics

Plastics are a vital asset for humanity, often providing functionality that cannot easily or economically replaced by other materials. Most plastics are robust and last for hundreds of years. Our polymer raw materials are extracted and recycled from highly complex waste products. These are then further cleaned, sorted and prepared by type of plastic and degree of purity so that they can replace new plastics.


With our lean raw materials and the constant level of quality, the use of resource-intensive new plastics can be reduced and 80% of primary energy solved.


Our ECO frames have extremely high break resistance and thermal stability. They are lightweight and provide outstanding wearing comfort.

The Vision1 Optics Lab

With the aim to change the experience of applied optics, we have initiated Vision1 Optics Lab – an interdisciplinary scientific team, which is dedicated to push the boundaries and optimize the visible spectrum and perceived contrast in our optical products.


It’s mission is very clearly stated: to create the best possible lens solutions for our customers.

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