Kitzbühel loved Arnold Schwarzenegger’s I’ll be back sunglasses by Vision1

Kitzbühel’s famous ski racing weekend started a day early this year, when Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger invited 165 international guests from entertainment, sports, politics and business to an exclusive charity dinner on Thursday evening at the Kitzbühel Country Club. Amongst the guests: us, Ingomar Lang and Raphael Reifeltshammer, the two Vision1 Eyewear founders. You ask how we fit in? Together with Müller Drogerien we brought a USD 100,00.- cheque for Schwarzenegger’s Climate Initiative, the beneficiary of the event.

Vision1 Schwarzenegger Kitzbühel 2020 USD 100.000
Raphael Reifeltshammer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dr. Günther Helm
© The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative

Wildly successful in 3 subsequent careers (bodybuilder, actor, politician), Arnold Schwarzenegger is an inspiration in so many ways to Vision1 Eyewear. He does not lean back and enjoy his accomplishments; he fights for the most important statement of our time: Climate protection. You can imagine we were quite excited to meet him and hand over our donation. And then this happened, where Arnold explains his Vision1 experience… 😎

© The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative

…In a room full of highly-ranked decision makers and accomplished personalities Arnold Schwarzenegger chose to tell his personal Vision1 story, explaining how this Austrian sunglasses company once sent him a prototype of the I’ll be back statement sunglasses – and now is able to contribute to his climate initiative. We did not know about this speech. Our hearts pounded and the audience asked for I’ll be back statement sunglasses. So we handed out a few.

Cigar aficionados Daniel Marshall and Carlos Fuente Jr.
Dr. Günther Helm, CEO Drogerie Müller & Patrick Knapp-Schwarzenegger

The following days we received photos of people wearing their I’ll be back statement sunglasses all over Kitzbühel. Our “I’ll be back” sunglasses became a story.

What a weekend for Vision1 Eyewear!

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