Our conviction

Our conviction

We believe that purpose and passion form the backbone of thriving communities.

Our purpose

Our purpose

We exist to create attention
for your purpose and passion.

Vision1 is a new breed of customized eyewear, developed by individualists, tech-lovers and visionaries. We work with brands whose statements are important enough for being carried in the middle of their communities’ faces.

Behind the glasses of Vision 1

Raphael Reifeltshammer and Ingomar Lang joined forces in 2018 to make “Vision1 Eyewear” your reflex thought when you see mirrored lenses. The idea of ​​creating a new medium that would make the human face accessible to every story to be told (i.e. using advertising) was good enough to give up her day job as a professional football player (Raphael) and strategy consultant (Ingomar).

Meet the founders: Raphael Reifeltshammer (left) & Ingomar Lang (right)

Mission Statement

We chose Vision1 Eyewear because we believe in the power of purpose and passion. We build first-class glasses for every customer. Our offices in Germany (Munich), Austria (Salzburg & Vienna) and the USA (New York) as well as the production facilities of our partners in Italy are places of inclusion, passion for our common purpose and great jobs. We take care of the natural resources of our planet in all our actions. We refuse to accept the status quo and change things until we get a result that we can be proud of.

The Vision1 Optics Lab

vision1 optics lab icon

With the aim to change the experience of applied optics, we have initiated Vision1 Optics Lab – an interdisciplinary scientific team, which is dedicated to push the boundaries and optimize the visible spectrum and perceived contrast in our optical products.

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