Perfect see-through

High-end technology

The CO lens is an amazing and game changing development of our Vision1 Optics Lab:
A highly innovative solution for statements, logos or patterns clearly visible from the outside while totally transparent from the inside.

We unlocked a new universe of possibilities of visibility with this technology for your brand.

icon unique lens technology - perfect see through

Unique lens technology for perfect see trough

Our technology allows us to compose different, contrasting mirrored areas on one lens to assemble any graphic object needed. We are able to provide a wide array of reflecting colors to bring your statement, logo or pattern alive.

unique lens technology

Highest quality
“Made in Italy”

Vision1’s high-end product is a technological innovation brought to life by Italian optics craftmanship, resulting in the highest quality standard available on the market.

unique lens technology - logo eco vision

ECO-friendly lens material

We offer our lenses also out of a new ECO-friendly, BIO-sourced material. The production process of these lenses lowers CO2 emissions by 24% compared to polycarbonate thanks to its purified resin quality.
unique lens technology uv 400

UV 400 protection & scratchresistance

We only use Elite Poly­carbo­nate or ECO-lenses with UV 400 protection category 3 and amazing scratch resistance. Optimized wavelength distri­bution guarantees maximum contrast and eye relief in any condition.

Contributions from our testimonials

coca cola logo
“Coca-Cola’s goal always is to engage with our community through fun and innovative social campaign concepts. When we discovered Vision1 Eyewear, my team and I instantly thought about selfies from our customers happily smiling into the camera from the skiing slopes with our brand all over the face.”
logo audi
“We designed Audi’s exclusive statement sunglasses as a meaningful keepsake for our guests at the famous Kitzbühel downhill race. Vision1 Eyewear’s proposition is a perfect match for Audi in terms of innovation, design and sustainability: ‘Unleash the beauty of sustainable mobility’”
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