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Stand up, stand out and spread your opinion. Our sunglasses are made to get you into the center of attention. 

About Vision1

Vision1 Eyewear started in 2018 with the purpose to give brands a new platform to spread their message. After more than 100 corporate customers, we decided to take our technology to the consumer market in 2020. The result is an all new style – Graphic lenses on sustainable made frames.

Our Mission

While one goal is to produce awesome shades for the consumer market, we are keen to revolutionize the corporate sunglasses market. Our aim is to make sunglasses that CEOs love to wear. The world is polluted with cheap give-aways that are thrown out too quick. This needs to end.

For that reason, we set up our production in northern Italy, where our sunglasses are handmade with recycled plastics collected all over Europe. This saves about 80% of the energy compared to new plastics.

Our focus stays on fine tuning of our graphic lens technology, find even more sustainable ways to produce sunglasses and produce shades that let you make a statement. 


Not only are our sunglasses here to make a statement, they are also building communities around people that are passionate about the same topic. Easily find like minded people with one of our shades and help to spread the word about a topic you love.

Use #makeastatement to show what you are passionate about.
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