There is no Planet B

This is why we decided to locally produce our sustainable sunglasses in Italy from recycled plastics. Plastics are collected all over Europe and rehashed in Austria. Transport ways are kept short as the recycling facilities are fairly close to our manufactory in Northern Italy.


Our plastics

Our polymer raw materials are extracted and recycled from electronical waste such as old routers and modems. Recycled plastics are sorted, cleaned and rehashed in Austria, so that they can be used for the production of our frames.   

Short Ways

We are trying to organize transportation ways as short as possible. The recycled plastic pallets are travelling just a few hours from Austria to our manufacturing partners  in Northern Italy. 

Responsibly manufactured sustainable sunglasses

Our sustainable sunglasses and goggles are 100% made in Italy with long-term partners with whom we have a friendly relationship. Social responsibility for our workers in production is a basic value for Vision1 Eyewear and a requirement for our customers.

“We designed Audi’s exclusive statement sunglasses as a meaningful keepsake for our guests at the famous Kitzbühel downhill race. Vision1 Eyewear’s proposition is a perfect match for Audi in terms of innovation, design and sustainability: ‘Unleash the beauty of sustainable mobility’”

“As the CEO of a large retail chain (Aldi Sud), I have always been interested in the sustainable development of affordable services. Under my leadership, the sustainability agenda at Aldi Süd/Hofer has emerged. Vision1’s commitment to post-consumer recycled plastics was an important aspect in Müller’s decision to market Vision1’s products.”