The Importance of Quality Lens Sunglasses

The Importance of Quality Lens Sunglasses

It may be old news for you, but cheap sunglasses can destroy your eyes. Normally, when out in the sun, your pupils are shrinking in order to let less light in. If you are wearing sunglasses, light is being blocked and the pupils don’t shrink as much. All sunglasses are blocking light, but quality lens sunglasses also block 95 – 100% of invisible ultraviolet (UV) rays, while cheap sunglasses are not blocking any or only a low amount of them. This means that with low quality sunglasses UV light goes straight to your pupils and can cause eye irritation or worse cataracts, macular degeneration and pterygium. 

Quality Lens Sunglasses for Dirisamer, Luft & Priglinger

We recently teamed up with Dirisamer, Luft & Priglinger who run a clinic that is specialized in the correction of eyesight and other eye surgeries. At their clinic, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Siegfried Priglinger and Dr. Martin Dirisamer offer extensive diagnosis and modern therapy in the field of eye laser and lens surgery. They approached us in order to equip their patients with customized high quality sunglasses: 


"Vision1's UV 400, Category 3 sunglass lenses meet our strict quality requirements for patients that just had an eyesight correction surgery. For some of them, these are the first ever non optical sunglasses they owe and create a big smile on their faces when handed over. Besides that, the branded lenses and frames are an incredible word of mouth marketing tool for our clinic. A perfect match."

Additionally to the UV blocking, quality lens sunglasses also reduce glare and improve the colors and contrast of your view. This helps to enjoy your surroundings better and makes driving and outdoor sports safer. Bright sunlight may also lead to headaches or migraines. Hence, when outdoors, better wear sunglasses.

Vision1's Goals

We at Vision1 Eyewear are aiming for two goals: Number one is to sustainably produce the best possible quality frames and lenses. Goal number two is to create stylish sunglasses with graphic elements on the lenses (invisible for the wearer). We want to take “logo sunglasses” to a new level, creating items that people love to wear. Having eye surgery experts as clients is a wonderful confirmation that we met goal number one and as their sunglasses also came out beautiful, we believe that we are on the right track for goal number two. 


Thanks for reading and we hope you’ve got your quality lens sunglasses handy! If you have any comments please reach us at Keep on browsing to learn more about our graphic lenses or start your customized sunglasses project here. Join us on Linkedin or follow us on Instagram for the latest updates.