Vision1 Eyewear's Lens Technology

After a couple years of research, Vision1’s optical experts found a way to apply logos or graphics on sunglasses lenses without disturbing the vision from inside.

Perfect See through

Vision1 came up with a technology that lets us apply graphics, logos or statements on the outside of mirrored sunglass lenses. While visible on the outside, the graphics are invisible for the spectacles wearer and offer a perfect see through.

Quality Made in Italy

Our lenses and sunglasses are handmade at boutique manufactories in Italy. The lens as well as the frame producers are family owned companies with a deep history in the sunglasses business.

Over the years we became friends with them and love to frequently go there to make sure that everyone is happy and that highest production standards are being met.

Eco Friendly Material

Our sunglasses are made from recycled plastics collected all over Europe and rehashed by MGG in Austria. Old routers and internet modems plastic parts are reused for sunglasses. All that within relativ proximity, so that transportation ways are being kept short. 

UV 400, Category 3 Lenses

It is essential to protect your eyes from UV rays. Our quality lenses offer UV 400 protection and are rated category 3. This makes them suitable for bright days in the city, on the beach or out in the wild.