Calling all Climate Action Heroes!

Calling all Climate Action Heroes!

The 4th edition of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Austrian World Summit is happening on Thursday, September 17th, 2020 in Vienna. The Austrian World Summit brings together world leaders in order to discuss strategies to stop global warming. Hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Austria’s president Alexander van der Bellen, the event is creating lots of attention with the purpose to motivate not only people, but especially companies, to become climate action heroes. What does that mean?  As Arnold says, “less talk, more action” is needed right now and therefore the summit points people to the  Climate Action Stories page, where everyone can submit concrete actions on how the environment was saved. The more people contribute, the better for the environment. So if you can, share the page or even better: submit your climate action report and become a Climate Action Hero. 

Vision1 Eyewear Calling all Climate Action Heroes! Magazine climate action heroes

Vision1 and the Austrian Climate Initiative

On one hand, Vision1 eyewear actively decided to move to a regional production facility in northern Italy, where our sunglasses are made from recycled plastics collected in Austria. This saves immense transportation mileage for the production process and as most of our customers are in Europe, it also shortens delivery routes once customized sunglasses are finished. On the other hand, our sunglasses can help to create attention for important topics: One of the first sunglasses we produced was the “I’ll be back edition”, which first helped us to get Arnold’s attention and second allowed us to enter a collaboration with Müller drug stores to donate $100,000 to the Austrian World Summit. We handed over the cheque at an exclusive event at the Hahnenkamm Ski Races

Vision1 Eyewear Calling all Climate Action Heroes! Magazine climate action heroes

Going Forward with the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative

While the Austrian World summit is normally happening in spring, it was postponed to September because of Covid 19. While Covid 19 certainly caused some sort of pause for global warming, e.g. because of less air travel, it is more important than ever that the climate change is not forgotten and the economy is restarted in a more ecological way. The wildfires in California and Australia are larger than ever, Hurricanes are getting more severe as well as floods in Asia are getting higher and higher. Once mankind is behind the Covid-19 pandemic, we have to apply the same energy and urgency to decrease global warming that we applied to finding a cure for the Corona Virus. 

Follow the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative or the Austrian World Summit and get involved now. 

Thanks for reading and doing your part to stop global warming.  If you have any comments please reach us at [email protected]. Keep on browsing to learn more about our graphic lenses or start your customized sunglasses project here. Join us on Linkedin or follow us on Instagram for the latest updates.


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