Partial Shipping & Storage of Customized Sunglasses

Partial Shipping & Storage of Customized Sunglasses

Are you looking for ways to  staying connected with your employees, partners and customers these days? How is the team spirit  among your employees working remotely? If you feel that there is a certain fade out of excitement among your crew, we’ve come up with a special service to re-engage, re-motivate or simply stay in touch with your associates:

Partial shipping and storage of customized sunglasses (or face shields).

This is how it works: Summer is around the corner. Together we design beautiful customized sunglasses for your team, company or brand and have them produced at our boutique manufacturer in Italy. Once ready, you provide us with a list of addresses and we can ship them straight to the lucky employee, customers, friend of company and so on. No extra work for you, and a great surprise for the recipient.

Even though our minimum order quantity is only 250 pieces, no need to know where to ship all your sunglasses right away. We can store your shades for up to one year and can send them out at your convenience. Some inspiration for sending employee/customer gifts right below!

Vision1 Eyewear Partial Shipping & Storage of Customized Sunglasses Magazine partial shipping

Home Office Motivation

Like ourselves, lots employees are currently working from home. Some might love it, but what goes missing is  the chatter of a work day, the spontaneous meetings at the water cooler or simply the lunch places available around the office. We think motivational, premium quality statement sunglasses might be perfect symbol for your community to express social affiliation – even in times of remote work.

Want to learn more on home office motivation? This is what experts at Harvard suggest: How to Keep Your Team Motivated, Remotely


Employee Onboarding & Customer Rewards

Our partial shipping of customized sunglasses allows you to reward employees or customers as needed. Use your sunglasses as an onboarding gift? Great – we send it out when your new employee is ready to get their sunglasses. Having a customer that reached a certain level of business? You know what to do!


Summer Vacation Gift

Anticipating an overdue vacation for one of your team’s heroes? Your coworker has been talking about her summer trip for weeks? Everyone is going somewhere exciting over the next long weekend? Surprise them with customized sunglasses before they go and collect great selfies from your team’s time off. We ship your sunglasses straight to your employee’s or customers house, no additional work!


Host A Contest

Having troubles getting responses from customers these days? Host a contest of some sorts, e.g. a photo competition. We are shipping your sunglasses straight to customers, they take a fun photo and win an even bigger price. Or do it the other way round – host a contest first, send out sunglasses as prices. Everyone loves competitions and to win swag. Customers cannot ignore that! suggests to do photos contests this way: 1 Simple Way to Increase Employee Participation


Give the Gift of Safety

We can extend the offer of partial shipping to our face shields. Give everyone who currently works from home an extra layer of safety with our reusable face shields. We can customize them for you from 1,000 pieces and employees will love to come back to the office with these! Learn More.


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