Secret Santa: Customized Goggles FTW

Secret Santa: Customized Goggles FTW

The holiday season is approaching quickly, but there is still enough time to get your ultimate employee and customer gift ready: premium quality goggles with graphic designs on the lens.  

Ski resorts will be open for skiing, with only a few restrictions to keep the spread of Covid-19 low. In Austria for example, it will be possible to ski and snowboard but Apres ski parties have to wait. So let the fans of your company ride in style this winter and get your brand on the slope! 

Your Brand Goggles

Vision1’s unique lens technology not only works on sunglasses but also on goggles. The large surface is actually even better as it offers plenty of space for detailed graphics. As usual, skiers can ride safely because of the perfect see through from within.

Interesting fact: As ski races on TV are heavily branded, ski sport fans are familiar with logos on their skiing gear, which makes branded goggles feel natural. Past winter, we produced goggles for Coca Cola Austria, helping them to create tons of views and likes on social media and got incredible feedback from their fans.

Make your Choice

We are currently offering two different goggle models: Basic and premium. Both of them are offering a large surface to brand but the premium one comes with a better ventilation system and richer design outline. That said, please note that our manufactory in Italy can design all possible styles and shapes for goggles, so please be in touch if you have a different model in mind.

Obviously, both of them cannot only be used for winter sports but also for motorcycle racing, trail biking, woodwork, champagne showers, etc. Be in touch and equip your favorite customers or employees with one of a kind goggles! 

Thanks for reading and we hope you’ve got your goggles ready for winter! If you have any comments please reach us at Keep on browsing to learn more about our graphic lenses or start your customized sunglasses project here. Join us on Linkedin or follow us on Instagram for the latest updates.