Vision1 Sunglasses & Goggles: Creating Media Value for your Brand.

Vision1 Sunglasses & Goggles: Creating Media Value for your Brand.

Raphael Reifeltshammer, Vision1’s founder, used to be a professional soccer player and therefore had been wearing labeled gear “all his life” – except for sunglasses, which is a shame as humans automatically search for eye contact.

Vision1 Eyewear Vision1 Sunglasses & Goggles: Creating Media Value for your Brand. Magazine media value

When he first started Vision1 Eyewear after his sports career, Raphael had one goal in mind: To produce high-end graphic lens sunglasses with a perfect see-through from within.

     His hypothesis was that graphic lenses generate value for at least two use cases: 

    1. People wearing branded lenses intend to make a statement and create attention for a brand, movement or community. They actively seek to address the subject written “all over their face”, as it is an eye-catcher and a medium to transport a message. 
    2. The person wearing branded eyewear may create content e.g. for social media while wearing the glasses and is thereby generating (digital)assets and media value. 

    Today, 100+ projects with corporate customers validate our founder’s hypothesis. As we talk to a wide range of interested marketing professionals, a common question we receive is to quantify the value created for their brand. Let’s make this exercise based on a handful of some selected cases:

    Vision1 "I’ll be back" Sunglasses x Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Vision1 Eyewear Vision1 Sunglasses & Goggles: Creating Media Value for your Brand. Magazine media value

    Arnold used our I’ll be back sunglasses in an Instagram post, exposing us to millions of people and earning us 1,017,945 likes (and counting). The Influencer Marketing Hub, valuates a single post from Arnold at $40,000 – $60,000. For a long time, this was the most liked post on Arnold’s Instagram feed, only the post where Arnold hits the slopes with Clint Eastwood beat it recently. (We are okay with that). 

    Additionally, this post kicked off a collaboration with the Schwarzenegger Climate Protection Initiative, for which we sold thousands of I’ll be back sunglasses to be able to donate $100,000.  If your’re interested, learn more about the collaboration here: Kitzbühel loved Arnold Schwarzenegger’s I’ll be back Sunglasses. 

    BWT x Vision1 Sunglasses creating Media Value

    As teased in our last Magazine article, Tobias Moretti, a well-known Austrian actor was sporting his BWT x Vision1 sunglasses while being interviewed for national TV during the Hahnenkamm races – also known as the “Superbowl of Alpine Winter Sports”.

    On Austrian National TV, one second of TV advertising is 750 EUR during this particular race weekend. Tobias was on for about 60 seconds, creating a total media value of 45,000 EUR for BWT.  This is exactly the use case we envisioned for our eyewear and we hope to see more appearances in the near future. (Think of branded goggles for champagne showers…)

    Tobias Moretti BWT Sonnenbrillen ORF

    Another note on that topic: German TV prohibited the use of drinking bottles or cans for advertising during TV interviews. A pity for Ski racers, as this was a good extra income for them. You need to know that Ski racers get direct payments from their helmet & bottle sponsors while the money from uniforms is going to ski associations. Our sunglasses offer a great way to get another sponsor into the spotlight and may be a good tool to support your company’s athletes. 

    Coca Cola’s Influencer Campaign Winter 2020

    Coke Austria is constantly working with a network of influencers, always searching for fun and new ways to engage with their community. For their 2019 winter campaign, we produced Coca Cola branded goggles for them. The aim of the campaign was to motivate customers to download the Coke app and and participate in their #wintergaudi photo contest to win cool prizes. 

    Coca Cola distributed some Goggles to their influencer network and had them posting photos with the goggles while re-sharing these photos on their own social media pages. This boosted the visibility of the photo competition and our joint goggles: Between Coca Cola’s and their influencers’ media channels, about 1 Million people saw the Coca Cola goggles. As per Verena Mather, Digital Commerce Manager at Coca Cola The campaign was a full success and significantly drove the app downloads and give-away participations up to a new level”. This even though the campaign only launched a couple of days before the European Covid-19 lockdown and came to an abrupt stop in the beginning of April, as Coca Cola froze all their marketing budgets. Anyways, hopefully they are back soon so that we are able to create even more exciting things together. 

    Thanks for reading! We are always ready for your customized sunglasses to get your brand out there.  If you have any comments please reach us at Keep on browsing to learn more about our graphic lenses or start your customized sunglasses project here. Join us on Linkedin or follow us on Instagram for the latest updates.